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Free Quotations

The repair estimate is free of charge and we will send it to you within 24 hours since we receive the instrument.

What is the entity of the damage?


It is possible to estimate the damage by receiving detailed information about the problem. We will contact you via email or phone within few hours.

Repair within the day

Ordinary maintenance can be carried out within the day by appointment. For those faults that are not particularly complex, we should perform the fixing in a day, provided with the necessary assets.

If you cannot reach our laboratories, we will withdraw your instruments at your home.

You will get back your instrument in the next 24-48 hours following the technical intervention (islands and remote locations excluded).

We always release a certification valid as a 12 months warranty, which will accompany the repaired instrument.

Do you need to repair your equipment?


Used equipment withdrawal

Do you want to sell your unused instrument? Contact us! We withdraw second-hand instruments of any brand.

Are you interested in buying a new instrument? We evaluate the exchange of the used one and we offer our experts’ consultation, which will recommend the tool that best meets your needs.

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New and used equipment for sale

Buy your instrument at Geoglobex: our mission is to offer the best at the best price. We sell new, used or reconditioned instruments of the best brands: Trimble, Geotronics, Nikon, Sokkia and accessories covered by a 24-month warranty.

You can also find a wide range of new and used accessories.
We make custom accessories by request.

Used equipment special deals


Constant assistance

Our qualified technicians are always at your disposal to offer a consultation service before and after the selling. They will answer in the most exhaustive manner to any technical question!
Any doubts about the correct use of your instruments or their software?
Do you want to know how to resolve the most common problems?

Do you need to gather further information about monitoring the instrumental errors?



A wide range of instruments is at your disposal, ready to be used: from total stations to GPS, from controllers to any kind of accessories.
The equipment is covered against any risk and can be used for all the necessary time.

Why to rent

  • Decreasing of fixed charges, which are linked to the instrument’s “life”: maintenance costs, insurance and management fees
  • no unused investments
  • you get the most suitable instrument for your work
  • you receive the most recent and high-tech equipment
  • shipping included: our fees provide for delivery and withdrawal services

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